Motivate Repulsive Grapes with Neodymium Magnets


Neodymium magnets are powerful enough to demonstrate the subtle effects of diamagnetism, the weak repulsion that magnets can exert on some substances. What is Diamagnetic Repulsion? Magnetism is an attractive force that sticks a fridge magnet onto a refrigerator. However, “like” magnetic poles repel; the “North” ends of two magnets push each other apart. These […]

Non-Newtonian Fluid: How to Make Goo at Home

Hydroclustering in non-Newtonian fluid: Image by VinnieOtin

What’s Non-Newtonian Fluid? Imagine a similar concept to quicksand…. It’s liquid, yet also solid due to suspended particles. In other words, it’s goo. Viscosity of fluids Sir Isaac Newton stated that viscosity, or how resistant a fluid is to flow, depends on the amount of heat applied. A non-Newtonian fluid, such as quicksand, or the […]