Romney Edges Obama by 4 Points According to New Rasmussen Poll

romney vs obama poll

Could Romney beat Obama? A hypothetical 2012 presidential matchup between likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama has Romney leading, 48 percent to 44 percent. The poll was based on Rasmussen Tracking Reports, a 3-day rolling average of figures gathered from likely voters. This poll represents the largest advantage for Romney recorded by […]

Obama Gaining Support Among Independents, Women, According to Gallup “Swing State” Poll

obama leading among independents

Independent voters in swing states currently prefer President Obama over Mitt Romney, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted in 12 swing states from March 20-26, 2012. Swing state Independents indicated they’d most likely vote for Romney last year, but their preferences seemed to have shifted, as the Gallup poll had 48 percent selecting Obama […]

Obama vs. Romney: New Gallup Poll Shows Biggest Obama Lead Yet

obama leads romney in poll

Is Obama’s re-election inevitable? Forty-nine percent of registered voters would re-elect President Obama if given the opportunity today, according to Gallup daily tracking polling released April 2, 2012. Mitt Romney, the likely Republican challenger, received 45 percent of the vote in Gallup’s hypothetical matchup.  The difference between the two candidates is within the 4 point […]