The Special Case of Non-Deterministic Turing Machines

Diagram of the double-slit experiment: Image by Koantum

Alan Turing (1912-1954) “invented” the Turing machine (TM) as a powerful theoretical model for mathematicians exploring rules-based mathematics. The  Non-deterministic Turing machine, or NTM, extends the basic concept by permitting multiple instructions for one state-input combination. The Deterministic Turing Machine A Turing machine has a finite number of states, symbols and instructions. A pattern of symbols are presented on […]

The Turing Machine: A Brief Introduction

Alan Turing Memorial, image by Bernt Rostad

Alan Turing (1912-1954) “invented” the Turing machine as a theoretical model for exploring the limits of rules-based mathematics. This purely theoretical device became a powerful tool in the minds of mathematicians, and modern computers still follow many of its principles. The Turing machine is even being honored via art at the Intuition and Ingenuity exhibit […]