Working Memory Linked to Resiliency and Adolescent Alcohol Use

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Are you flexible? Physically, flexibility is associated with yoga poses. Mentally, the personality trait that allows humans to be flexible in their reactions, matching their responses to social context, is known as resiliency, and is tricky to measure. Memory, however, is easier to measure, and recent research suggests that memory and resiliency are related.

The Digital Millennial: Will Hyperconnectivity Affect Teens and Young Adults Cognitively?

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Is this generation going to be helped or hurt by being constantly online? A new survey released today, Millennials will Benefit and Suffer due to their Hyperconnected Lives,  investigates the detriment and benefits of the amount of time millennials – young people – spend online. This survey was conducted by Janna Quitney Anderson, of Elon University and Lee Rainie, of […]

Eye Movements and Trauma Therapy

EMDR is a powerful technique for therapy. Image by benipop

The dream stage of sleep incorporates rapid eye movement and increased activity in the areas of the brain responsible for visual imagery and emotional processing. In recent years, this natural and automatic processing of information has found its way into mainstream psychological therapy for symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. P.T.S.D.’s Devastating Effects In recent years, the general public […]

Seminar Examines Depression Treatments For Patients

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Is deep-brain stimulation the answer for depression patients? A new seminar being released by researchers at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center looks at depression in a new light. For years, depression was seen as a symptom of many different disorders. The standard treatment was to prescribe anti-depressants, many of which result in increased suicidal thoughts […]

Dream Interpretation: Myth or Science?


The innerspace of our mind is just as mysterious and amazing as outer space, and the unconscious nature of dreams adds to the intrigue. Recent research into neuro-plasticity and unconscious processes is refuting some old assumptions about the meaning and purpose of dream states, and providing new evidence that some old theories were remarkably predictive. Frequency of Dreams […]

New Biochemical Findings Might Explain Why Children with Regressive Autism Lose Skills

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A possible link between decreased protein kinase A (PKA) levels in the frontal cortex and the loss of developmental skills at 15-24 months was recently reported in PLoS.ONE by Abha Chauhan and colleagues at the NYS Institute for Basic Research and Developmental Disabilities in Staten Island, New York. PKA, which is critical for learning and memory, has […]