President Obama’s Birth Certificate: Pixel-Size Anomalies

The President’s Birth Certificate: Magnified Image

President Obama’s long-form birth certificate has been scrutinized extensively from the moment it was released. Many people have claimed that the document is a forgery, based on issues such as chromatic aberration and a difference in pixel sizes, among other things. So, what is a pixel anyway, and what do pixels have to do with the authenticity of this document?

What is a Pixel?

The term “pixel” is shortened from the words “picture” and “element.” Simply put, it means a single, monochromatic element of an image. Think of the pixel as a single tile in a large mosaic. Whatever you’re looking at on your computer screen is actually composed of these tiny spots in massive numbers. President Obama’s birth certificate was scanned into a computer and is available as a digitized image, and therefore is composed of a number of pixels.

Why Does Pixel Size Matter?

In the most elementary terms, when you put a document into a scanner, the scanner takes a picture of the document and saves it to your computer. You can then open the image using a variety of different editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, for example, or even Paint. When you open the scanned document, and zoom in, you will see that it is composed of small blocks of color. Each block is the same size, but the different colors and shades blend together to show the picture when you zoom out.

The majority of the document is composed of larger pixels. The layer of pixels that is easily removed from the document with Adobe, however, is composed of much smaller elements. As you can see in the dramatically-magnified example to the right, with lines added to emphasize the pixel borders, pixels in some of the text areas are 1/4 the size of the background pixels. This sample is taken from the upper portion of the “AR” in BARACK, Block 1a.

Pixel Anomalies:

There are a few things to consider, when looking at the change in pixel size between the two types of lettering. The first anomaly is that the smaller pixels are only present in certain areas. The second is whether the borders of the smaller pixels match, and align with, the larger pixels.

Where are the Pixels Different?

The smaller pixels are present only in the main text layer, and the halo around that text layer. An extreme zoom of the document shows that the pixels of monochromatic dark text, which shows the appearance of optimization using a threshold algorithm, are in the smaller size. The light-colored pixels surrounding the darker text, also subject to a threshold algorithm, are the smaller size as well.

Do the Pixels Align?

Visual representation of aligned pixels in President Obama’s birth certificate

If you take note of the grid-lines of the image to the left, taken from the underside of the “A” in BARACK, with grid-lines added to clarify pixel boundaries, you’ll notice that the smaller pixels fit perfectly into the larger-sized pixels. This is indicative of computer manipulation, perhaps part of the optimization process, rather than editing by human hands.

Some portions of the text, however, do not align. The image you see here is a extremely magnified view of the top of the same “A.” As you can see, the pixels do not align precisely here.

Pixels: Image magnified to illuminate boundaries

The misaligned pixels are present in several areas, throughout the document.

What Does This Mean?

The fact that there are different-sized pixels throughout the document indicates, without a doubt, that the document has been altered from its original state. It is possible that the alteration is solely the result of a standard optimization process, but regardless – the presence of differently-sized pixels clearly indicates that the document is not an exact duplicate of an original document scan.

Check out Digital Document Authentication for more about the claims surrounding President Obama’s birth certificate.

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  2. Jake says

    Thanks for the clear explanation, and for sticking to the topic. I was wondering, though, what software you opened the PDF in to examine it and take your screen shots? I’ve opened it in 5 different programs and can’t confirm the pixel misalignment you show; at the same time, none of them let me zoom in as far as you seem to be able to. Since each program I used (on a Mac: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Preview, Acorn) rendered the PDF slightly differently, I have to wonder if the effect you’re seeing is an artifact of the rendering more than of the PDF itself.

  3. jai says

    Like Hitler, Obama ‘wants’ to establish suspicion and fear in the American public. He wants us to feel weak and fear him. His assassination of Osama Bin Laden was a part of that plan. When did we become a nation in which one man can decide the guilt and innocence of another then by his own command cause their death? But it accomplished his goal.

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    We have relied on the U.S. Constitution and our way of justice to protect us for more than two centuries. We were weakened by the attack of 9-11, but with the resolve of President Bush, we returned to our strong resolve and security. But Obama has tried to terrorize us further by allowing terrorists to attempt attacks and his mentor, George Soros, to issue false terror reports.

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    We can only pray it is not too late.

  4. says

    the main thing no one talks about is WHY didn’t team obama just give us a STRAIGHT SCAN of the document?…when you get some chopped up pdf like this, the only thing you can say is “maybe it was modified, maybe it wasn’t”, but it certainly puts suspicion a lot more into play…just give me a simple 1200 dpi scan – you don’t even need color…even a 300 dpi scan would beat the heck out of what they put out…but I think Dr. Orly Taitz is going to get to see the original…THAT should answer the question

    • Nathanael says

      “the main thing no one talks about is WHY didn’t team obama just give us a STRAIGHT SCAN of the document?”

      Why is it that birthers never do even the simplest fact-checking before opening their mouths. Of course there IS a straight scan of the LFBC available, for anyone who bothered to look:

      Note in particular that several of the alleged anomalies, such as the “TXE”, the smiley face and alteration of the word “None”, are simply artifacts of the scan-and-optimize process used in the White House PDF; they disappear in the high-res scan.

      Ms. Nicks: bang-up job. Clear, concise, objective, on point analysis. The fact that you stay within your area of expertise alone gives you more credibility than many of the self-styled experts who have weighed in on the topic.

  5. SamSewell says

    Tea Party Nation Takes on the Eligibility Issue
    Tea Party Nation has sent an important policy statement to all of the membership. Here it is:
    # # # # # # #
    Do you think that the birth document released by Obama on April 27th put an end to speculation about Obama’s ineligibility?
    Gallup Poll after release of fake birth certificate May 5-8, 47% of those surveyed, less than a majority, say they believe the president was “definitely” born in the United States
    # # # # # # #
    Scientific Poll.- Half of Americans would like Congress investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility and nearly that many believe the definition of the constitutional term “natural born citizen” means both parents must be U.S. citizens.

    Obama will be exposed –Don’t get caught on the wrong side of this issue.


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