Pinterest and Pornographic Material: No Way to Filter Content

Is there any way to filter inappropriate material from Pinterest? Image by Pinterest

Is there any way to filter inappropriate material from Pinterest? Image by Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site that has grown considerably during 2012 – after only being made public in 2011. As the creators say, the site is a virtual pinboard where users can create boards to place images that they like or love, from any website. Pinterest users create boards for all kinds of topics, from help with wedding planning to choosing baby products and fashion, or even pinning favorite artwork. However, there have been some unhappy users dissatisfied with the amount of pornographic material placed on the website.

Pinterest Terms of Service: No Nudity

Pinterest’s Terms of Service clearly state that nudity is not allowed. The first part of the Terms of Service state that the user is responsible for the content they post. As a clear translation, the Pinterest site says:

Also, don’t post porn or spam or be a jerk to other Pinners. Oh, and we can actually use your suggestions to make Pinterest better.

The Support Forums also offer an answer to the question about the type of content allowed:

We do not allow nudity, hateful content, or content that actively promotes self-harm on Pinterest.

– Our no nudity policy applies to photographic images. It does not apply to illustrations, paintings, sculptures, etc. We do not allow nude photographic images…

However, another part of the Terms of Service states that users agree that they may be exposed to content that is not suitable for children, is inaccurate or may be unsuited for purpose. Pinterest will not assume any liability for the content that is placed on the website but they will remove anything that goes against their terms… if they see it.

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  1. says

    “The first part of the Terms of Service state that the user is responsible for the content they post. ” Second part, is that, users, some are not responsible. Any way of regulating users behaviors?

    • Katarzyna says

      There’s more distrubing content I saw minutes a go on Pinterest : pictures of dead people, people grown up an children dying, horrible mutilated bodies and much more sick fascination objects. I wonder if someone even bothered to let Pinterest know what’s going on. If they poor dead victims of murderers and nazists can’t rest in peace? No respect for they sorrow. Or maybe person, that puts this stuff on Pinterest is thinking that is right for them? I doubt.

      • Diane n says

        I just went in on Pinterest like always and the pictues I saw were shockig. Mutilated, tortured dogs! I could not click out fast enough. I was just scrolling down like frequency do before searching for something or going into my own boards and there they were! All over the screen! I am a big dog lover and so sensitive that any horrid thing I’ve ever been told or have seen haunts me the rest of my life. What is going on?

        • Lexa says

          I’m starting to loose interest on Pinterest fast….over 26k pins with 4k followers and have been here before it got popular. I might be a small fish in a big pond but this site gained popularity with us, the small fishes. Women, primarily, posted everything from decor ideas to recipes. I seriously doubt that those women are going to want to stick around to see pages filled with porn, torture and other grotesque things. I certainly don’t. I realize that it’s hard to control but it’s doable to an extent. Look at FB, waaaay more content yet for the most part they keep it clean for us. They take user reporting serious and move on it right away unlike Pinterest who doesn’t seem to care that their pages are getting filled with filth. It’s sad really but all good things come to an end so I guess it’s time to look for a new social media platform who’s policies aren’t as attractive to scum.

  2. says

    Most responsible users post warnings on the boards or warning pictures as the board cover. I do agree that there could be some system put in place however to warn users before clicking on boards that they contain said content such as on deviantART which allows users to say whether or not their work contains nudity.

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