Black Friday Wishlist: Google Nexus 10 Tablet Features

Google fights with the competition to get ahead. Image by Magnet 4 Marketing dot net

Black Friday is almost upon us, and Christmas is just around the corner! With that in mind, it’s worth looking into gadgets just released, or due to be released in the upcoming days and weeks.

This week, we’re discussing the Nexus 10, Google’s latest tablet device. Tablet computers are becoming extremely popular, whether it is for working while traveling, playing games or reading stories with children or personal use.

The official launch date of the Nexus 10 is November 13, 2012 but XDA Developers have spotted some on Walmart shelves already!

Nexus 10: Affordable Technology for Consumers

With a recession looming and the country still facing financial difficulties from the 2008 recession, consumers remain worried about their money, and want something worth the dollars they are spending.

Google’s Nexus 10 is just $399 for a 16GB version, which is $100 less than the latest Apple iPad available. On top of that, the screen on the Nexus 10 is slightly larger and the resolution is slightly better.

Love to game? The Nexus 10’s bigger screen also makes it possible to play more games than on other products, including the iPad, while being lighter than other tablets and including a rubber grip which make it easier to hold while playing over long periods of time.

Get more with the Nexus 10 than the iPad for less money. Image by Mike Licht

If you use Android smartphones, you’re probably used to the apps, which offer various benefits, from up to date news to social media. Whatever the reason you use these applications, the Nexus 10 offers access to thousands of Android Apps, many of which are available for the Android phones too.

Weak Point: Photography

There are downsides to every product and one downside to the Nexus 10 is the camera. It is just a 5 megapixel camera, 3 megapixels less than Google’s newest smartphone, the Nexus 4. The quality of photos will not be as good as the Nexus 4, but viewing the photos and adapting them will be much easier on the 10.1 inch display.

Black Friday Wish-List: Is the Nexus 10 a Good Buy?

Will Google’s Nexus 10 compete with other tablet computers available? Image by gurdonark

For those who love gadgets, the Nexus 10 may be one worth putting on the list. It offers all the benefits of other tablets, including the ability to read books, watch movies, and work while on the move, while being lighter than many other products on the market, including Apple’s iPad 3. All in all, the Nexus 10 offers a bigger screen to see and do more, at a lower price than other premium tablets; which may offset the lesser photo quality compared to the Nexus 4.

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Editor’s Note: Edited to remove an error in the reported processing speed 11-9-12

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  1. Alexandria InghamAlexandria Ingham says

    Based on using a 5mp camera for fun photos, when blown up to fit a 15″ laptop screen, the quality is poor. Everything else on the camera is good so it is the mp that lets it down – in this case, the megapixel does directly affect the quality.

  2. Marie says

    Haven’t we already learned by now that megapixels determine the maximum size of the photo rather than the quality? Unless you want to blow that photo you took on the 5mp camera to 35″x29″, at which point I would suggest getting a real camera, stop worrying about megapixels. All you’re doing is continuing to spread myths.

  3. Trent says

    Where I do like to see an article about the Nexus 10 that isn’t simply comparing every single feature and spec to the iPad(some of us simply don’t care about the iPad or any IOS device). I have to say that you are inaccurate about some of your points. First of all, the processor is more powerful than the one in the Nexus 4. It is running on A15 architecture and the Nexus 4 still runs A9. Despite that it is dual core rather than quad core, an A15 dual core processor is still faster than an A9 quad core processor. There are benchmarks out there that show the Nexus 10 came in faster than the Nexus 4.

    Also, a 5 megapiel camera is not a downside of a tablet. Tablets don’t typically have as good of cameras in them as phones, because it is a feature that is used far less on a larger tablet compared to a smaller phone. When comparing hardware of a tablet, you shouldn’t really be comparing it to phones, rather to other tablets.
    Now comparing the Nexus 10 to say the ASUS Transformer Prime Infinity or the Samsung Note 10.1 would have been some good info for consumers.

  4. Fooball says

    The Nexus 10’s dual core cortex A15 architecture processor matched with the Mali T604 quad core GPU is cutting edge tech and will run circles around most quad core A9 chips available today.

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