Attractive Men Overrate Women’s Interest

Men overestimated womens interest by at least 1 point on the scale: Photo by Schwingy

Bad News For Guys? Not Quite

While this overestimation may sound like trouble for guys, it may actually work to their advantage, from a breeding standpoint. By rating women’s interest too high, the man will be more likely to pursue a woman as a mate. Even if the man is rejected, he will continue looking at attractive women, seeking out a new mate.

For the men who were less high on their ratings, the news is also good. A man that is less likely to rate himself as attractive may be the ideal mate for attractive women. This could be the reason why people question how two people came together.

Whether you rate yourself as attractive or not, understanding how interested someone may be in you will improve your chances of finding lasting connections.


Perilloux, C. All it takes is a smile. (2011). Association for Psychological Science. Posted 13 Dec 2011.

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  1. says

    I guess what it comes down to is the biological entheuseasm that males have that gives that automatic overrating of interest. Well, thats just my theory anyways.

    Good article.


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