Life on the Ocean Floor: Antarctic Ocean Hydrothermal Vent Exploration

Vent organisms thrive in the unusual environment of hydrothermal vents: Image courtesy of Professor Rogers

New insights into the ocean life found in hydrothermal vents has been found in an excursion to the Antarctic seafloor. Ongoing ocean exploration around hydrothermal vents near Antarctica has enabled teams of scientists to discover new species. Teams compiled by the University of Southampton, British Antarctic Survey, and the University of Oxford were able to […]

Researchers Make Strides in Lungfish Locomotion Research

Lungfish use pelvic spines to propel themselves. Image by Mathae

Protopterus annectens, also known as the African lungfish, appears to be an unlikely candidate for a feat such as self-propulsion across land; however, studies on the eel-like body of this freshwater fish may prove otherwise. The African lungfish is capable of living for several months without water, due to its ability to obtain oxygen through […]