The ACM Awards the 2011 Turing Prize for Computing to Judea Pearl

The Turing Award was first given in 1966: Image by julostock

The ACM Turing Award winner for 2011 is Judea Pearl. This computing award has been presented annually since 1966, with multiple recipients in some years. This year’s winner has advanced artificial intelligence by improving the way in which AI programs acquire additional information, among other things. The first winner of the Turing award, Alan Jay […]

Data Mining Tool Advances: MINE Ranks Multiple Patterns

Brothers David Reshef (second from left) and Yakir Reshef (right) developed MIC under the guidance of advisers Michael Mitzenmacher (left) of the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Pardis Sabeti (second from right) of the Broad Institute. Photo by ChieYu Lin

A new data mining tool created by Harvard University and MIT’s Broad Institute can not only sort vast data sets to find patterns, it can also rank multiple patterns within the data. Why is this significant? Data mining in general is a great tool for pulling pertinent information out of groups of data, but when […]

Thresholding Images: How Do The Algorithms Work?

thresholded image

When you run an image through an optimization program, one of the portions of the algorithm will likely provide a service called “thresholding.” What is this service anyway, and why would you want a thresholding algorithm applied to your image? What is “Thresholding?” The process of choosing a limit in the range of available colors, […]

Z-Wave for Home Automation: The Consumer’s Solution

MiCasaVerde Vera Gateway Home Automation Controller: Image courtesy the Z-Wave Alliance

Whether you’re Bill Gates automating a mansion, or Bob Smith automating a light switch, your smart home requires two categories of automation appliance. A controller is used to manage all automated items, and the items you wish to automate require an interface in order to communicate with the controller. In both cases, communication between the […]

AI Technology in the Banking and Credit Industry

Identity Theft vs. Technology: AI Wins - Image by georgie_c

As technology improves, credit card companies and banks are increasing the use of artificial intelligence software programs. AI programs track the spending habits of consumers, in order to prevent theft and fraudulent charges. Using AI, or artificial intelligence, to stop fraud before it gets out of hand is a comparatively simple solution to a complex […]

Machine Learning: How Computers Get Smarter

Machine Learning for Smarter Computers: Image by srbichara

Machine learning allows computer programs to master new tasks without line-by-line programming. In other words, the programmer is able, to some degree, to allow the software to write itself. AI programs use unsupervised machine learning to make decisions and change behavior based on experience. How Does Machine Learning Work? Programmers use machine learning to “train” […]