New Program Reduces Teen Violence In Males Through Coaching

teen violence

Is it possible to reduce violence among teens through mentoring? A new program called Coaching Boys Into Men may have found the answer. Reducing teen violence has been a goal of many programs, with various rates of success, over the years. The main goal of most intervention programs is to teach teenage boys how to […]

How Human are Chimps? Chimpanzees Use Conflict Management Techniques

how human are chimps

As anyone who has gathered around a water cooler knows, social settings can become contentious. Groups living in close proximity, working together, and sharing resources, can find themselves fighting amongst themselves. Family members argue with one another over chores or responsibilities. Coworkers argue over who was supposed to perform a task. Parents argue with children […]

Kids Who Don’t Conform to Gender Roles Have Increased Risk of PTSD and Abuse


One out of every ten children in America exhibits behavior that is considered gender-nonconforming. A gender-nonconforming youth is defined as a child who engages in activities or behaviors which society states are only acceptable for the other gender. Common examples of this phenomenon include young boys playing with dolls, or young girls playing tackle football. […]

Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed: Does Your Dominant Hand Predict Your Decision-Making Process?

Are you left-handed or right-handed? Image by Eastop

Do you make decisions based on right or left-handedness? According to researchers, 90 percent of people are dominantly right-handed, and use their right hands to do most daily activities, including writing, opening doors and bottles, using a computer’s mouse, and holding a cell phone. The remaining 10 percent of people, however interact with the world with […]

School Bullying and Depression Linked in Adolescents

bullying and depression

Are victimized kids depressed because they’re bullied, or bullied because they’re depressed? Bullying has become a hot topic in American society. State legislatures have passed anti-bullying laws attempting to crack down on the problem in schools, as social media sites have come under fire for cyber-bullying issues online, and parents have become more concerned with […]

The Price Men Pay For Narcissism

Vanity can be hazardous to a man's health. Image by raichinger

In the 1970s, Carly Simon had a hit song entitled, “You’re So Vain.” In it, she sang about how a man was so vain, that he believed everything revolved around him, including the song she was singing. While that song was a hit, it touched on a segment of the population that is narcissistic and […]