The Long Range Weather Forecast for January 2012


In the National Weather Service’s January 2012 weather forecast for the USA, issued half a month ahead, NWS is anticipating higher-than-average temperatures in the East of the Country, and lower temperatures in the West. The forecast for precipitation is below-average in the South, with above-average or near-normal further North. The three month outlook for January, […]

Agreements reached at the 2011 UN Climate Summit

un climate summit

After extending the conference by 36 hours, the delegates at the UN climate summit in Durban finally reached an agreement, which will not be viewed favourably by all countries affected. Despite the rhetoric of Ms. Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, the president for the summit, the meeting exposed some problems on the horizon. Durban Climate Conference: Agreements Reached […]

Record Number of Billion Dollar Weather Disasters for 2011

extreme events in 2011

In 2011 there have been 12 weather-related disasters in the USA, with damage over 1 billion dollars each. By Dec 7, 2011, the total damage from these disasters exceeded $52 billion with additional costs from smaller disturbances. These disasters include blizzards, tornadoes, drought, flooding and wildfires. The Year of Weather Disasters in Brief The list of major […]