Science versus Philosophy – It’s Not a Competition!


Philosophy is not a single subject. Philosophers address an infinite number of issues and try to make sense and order of them. For example: ethics, morals, human choices, human belief systems, world politics including justice and law, the complexities of language and meaning and the nature of beauty. All of this enables us to decide how […]

Dehumanizing Others Through Racial Slurs: Interview with Adam Croom

adam croom racial slurs

When can we use the N-word and when should we avoid it?  Deciding if it’s okay for us to use this word in a positive, non-offensive way depends on precisely who we are and whether a shared, common history gives us the right to “slur.” Adam Croom, a senior at the University of Pennysylvania, spoke to Decoded Science about the […]

The N-Word – Neutralising the Power to Harm With Racial Epithets

don't say the n word

Should white people be banned from using the N-word, with its distressing historical connotations? And why do black rappers use an inflammatory term so freely in their lyrics? In his book, The Blank Slate, Steven Pinker examines the ways in which language conveys both literal meanings and also a speaker’s attitude. “Racial epithets, which are laced […]