About Decoded Science

Put on your safety gear! You're entering a real science zone! Image by MeHereThis site is the result of many ‘I wish there were a site where real science was explained by the experts, and good science wasn’t mixed in with fluff and junk!‘ discussions among a small group of scientists and science writers. An admitted Sci/Tech geek, founder Victoria Nicks took wishful thinking one step further in May, 2011 and created Decoded Science.

Finally! A Science Site Written in Understandable English

Tired of dry, jargon-filled, incomprehensible science articles? We were too. Decoded Science was created to provide insight into the most exciting science news for people who don’t have a bunch of letters after their names. After all – you don’t have to have a degree in something to be interested in the latest research, but you do have to have extensive training in a field to understand the way the research is written up! Not anymore – Decoded Science experts work hard to interpret even the most complex topics into plain language, and explain the latest science news without dumbing anything down.

Science Questions and Answers

What do you do if you have a question about something science-related? If you’re in school, you can ask a teacher or your professor, but otherwise you’re stuck with Google, which usually serves up eHow and Yahoo Answers. Want authoritative answers, written by people who are trained in the field? If you have a question about an article, or even something you just saw on the news, Ask an Expert to get the best, most up-to-date information, on the topic of your choice.

Science Projects and Experiments

Science experiments require care - image by RDECOM

If you’re in the mood for an experiment, don’t get stuck with the same-old vinegar/baking soda volcano – try something a little different instead. Whether you need to help a child with this year’s Science Fair experiment, or you just like creating science projects at home, we’ve got you covered.

Scientists, Experts, and Professional Science Journalists

All articles published on Decoded Science are written by scientists, and experts, and are thoroughly vetted and edited for clarity and accuracy. Learn more about the Decoded Science writers on this site’s staff page.